About Scanmix Corporation

Scanmix Corporation is a family owned and operated U.S.A. based business. Since 1993, we have partnered with quality Swedish manufacturers ~ with generations of expertise ~ to bring their genuine products to the U.S.A.  

Quality Swedish products from Scanmix Corporation:

Thermostatic AND Pressure Balanced SafeShower with automatic shut-down.

The Safe Shower is a revolutionary shower manufactured in Sweden by FM Mattsson Company, Scandinavia's' largest producer or showers and faucets. This shower keeps an even temperature no matter what happens to the temperature or pressure in your water system!
Bronze Bells:  Each bell is hand made using age old traditional methods and materials that trace back for centuries. The family bell casting shop is located in a tiny village in the Darlana Folklore District of Sweden ~ a region long famous for its brass and bronze casting mastery.

Mora of Sweden, Genuine Mora Knives. Formally Frosts Knives, now Mora of Sweden. Swedish quality knives and cutlery are a great gift idea for Fathers, mothers, birthdays, graduations or you!  Craftsman, hunting and woodcarving knives - this is the genuine Morakniv Mora Knife.

Candlesticks:  Specialty heirloom quality brass candlesticks.  They are hand crafted at our exclusive bronze bell foundry - and are they beautiful!!
Bronze Plaques:  Bronze plaques are beautiful, durable and will last for generations. Perfect for awards, homes and estates, commemorations, memorials, landmarks, office buildings, land and conservation Trusts, town parks and gardens.
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Scanmix Corporation

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