See what our customers have to say about their bronze bells!
We did receive our bell and it turned out better than I could've ever imagined. It is awesome... Great job and thank you very much. HONOR SERVICE firefighters' bell, Todd Stott, TX

I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciated the quality of this bell!  My fiancée is going to cry for sure when she gets this.

Regards, Matthew. Tustin, CA

The bell has arrived and it is AWESOME!  Thank you and your team for working with us. Chief Heston, Pullman Fire Department

I just wanted to let you know the bell is absolutely incredible! Thank you for everything!!!  Lynn Haberstroh, TX

The bell arrived here on Wednesday night and looked great, You have such talented people working there, It was the hit of the awards dinner again. Thank you for all the help with getting it here on time. Looking forward to working with your company in the future. Ken Klosz - NJ

We received our bell today. I just wanted to tell you thank you for the outstanding work. This bell is our new ceremonial bell and is also a memorial to Lt Keith Long who we lost in the line of duty in December last year. I couldn't be happier with what you all produced for us. A job very well done!!! On behalf of the Long family, the Bedford Fire Department and it's members, Thank You !!!  Ron Butler - TX

You have just made me about the happiest person in the world.  I knew when I ordered this bell that I didn't stand a chance of getting it in time for the wedding (tomorrow).  Imagine my delight, surprise and incredible joy when UPS just delivered the most perfect WAY AHEAD OF SCHEDULE wedding present.

Thank you SO SO SO much,  Nancy Bennett - CT

The beautiful bells arrived last night and the UPS man even carried the box into my kitchen and set it on my table.  I waited until everyone got home and slowly opened the box with great anticipation and joy.  What an incredible work of superior craftsmanship…we are so impressed and pleased.  This weekend my family will be in town and we will dedicate the bells by engraving the before mentioned loved ones names. They will be shipped within the month to Djibouti, Africa to ring in the Mission in Tadjourah, Djibouti for many years to come.

I received the bell! It’s beautiful!
I can’t wait for my husband to get home from work and see it!  Thank you :)  Kate - Wellington FL

Thank you for helping me with this endeavor and calming me when my impatience took over. God Bless you and thanks!  Theresa Trancik, MI

We have received the bell and bracket in excellent condition. It looks great! Thank you again. Laughlin AFB Fire Dept, TX

I just wanted to let you know that bell arrived early and on time for our anniversary.  My wife was not expecting it at all and was genuinely in awe when she unwrapped it.  The sound is even better than I thought it would be and I expect it to be in the family for many years (generations)? to come.  Thank you for helping getting the order through on short notice.  I really appreciate the extra service to make for a most memorable day.   Jason Lemons, CA

I am writing to thank you so much for the beautiful bell you made for my husband recently. The lettering read: RJL Mary Rose 1511 – 2013. It was to commemorate the opening of the new Mary Rose museum in Portsmouth, which he has masterminded and which has proved an instant, roaring success. The family presented him with the bell yesterday, on his birthday, and he was completely overwhelmed by it. We are all delighted, and would like to compliment the craftsmen who have produced such a lovely family heirloom. Best regards, Jennifer Lippiett, UK
The Mary Rose museum is simply amazing, a must see: (Karen ~

I received my bell yesterday and it is so beautiful. It was so hard for me to not spill the beans on the surprise gift for my wife but it was worth the wait. Beth loved it. The sound of the bell is amazing. I can’t believe how the tone echo's on and on taking forever to fade out. Billy Dale, GA.

I just received a bell that I ordered for a wedding present.  It is positively gorgeous.  You not only delivered a perfect product but you delivered it 3 weeks ahead of schedule.  You know that wonderful feeling you have when you've found just the perfect gift?  That's how I feel right now.  I simply cannot wait to give them this present. Thank you so much!  Nancy Bennett, CT

Just wanted to let you know I received the bell. It is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for speeding things along so my husband can have this at his retirement party. I will definitely recommend your product for future retirees . Thanks again, it was great working with you, Mary White, TX

Gorgeous and the tone is outstanding. Rang it once and all the kids came a running! They're already trained! Should have done this years ago. Seriously, I plan to use the bell to call the kids home. Thanks again for all your help. Bill Frame, IL.

The bell arrived today and it is breath-taking. I'm sure all our crew members will love it and the bell rope you included with it. I'll take some pictures of us using it at our USS Tiru Reunion and send them to you. I hope you will use them as a testimony from us of your great work and service from a truly satisfied customer. Maybe we'll see it in your advertisements. Thanks again for giving us back the voice and soul of our submarine. Sincerely yours, Dick Murphy USS Tiru SS 416 Reunion Coordinator

Ahoy Everyone!  The bell for the S.R.O arrived last week while I was away. It is everything I had hoped for and even a bit more. I really appreciate the craftsmanship, tone and beauty, truly heirloom quality, and delivered on time.  Best regards, Capt. Skip Publicover

Well after a long wait the bell arrived and it was worth waiting for. The bell is so beautiful and such amazing quality and craftsmanship it takes your breath away, it should be in the Smithsonian.
We can't wait to see the look on our daughter and her husband when they open the present up at Christmas , they are the sailors in the family and it's for their boat.
I guess that I could stay here all day trying to think up words to describe the bell and it's beauty but like you said "wait to you see it" and you are so right. The other part of the bell is its sound and that goes along with every thing that I said about the bell, it is so hard to describe because it is so beautiful.
We just can't get over its beauty. Thanks Again , Joe Pryby, Temple TX

The bell has arrived and we are delighted with it. Frankly, the quality of the finished item is even beyond the high expectations that we had, having seen the sample photographs on your web site. The quality of the casting of the coat of arms is superb. Well done!

 Additionally, may I thank you personally again for all of your help on this project. It can be worrying when a relationship is only online and your prompt responses to my endless questions made me feel very reassured. Hall Grove School, Jubilee Bell, Bagshot Surrey UK.

Our bell has arrived in perfect condition and on time for our closing ceremony. Thank you for your excellent service and prompt attention to all the details. The members of the Harbour Ridge Yacht Club are unanimous in their feeling that this product stands head and shoulders over other bells we have look at. The tone and craftsmanship is superb. We will be enjoying this bell for many years to come.  Harbour Ridge Yacht Club - M. Boyle

The bell looks wonderful.  The dedication is next week!  You did it; and we could not be happier!  Isle of Palms Fire Station, N. Charleston SC.  Chappy McKay

My bell arrived today and it exceeds expectations. Your website made it clear that this was what I was looking for. The opportunity to see the casting process was very helpful, and the bell, as illustrated on the site jut reached out to me and made me want that bell. 
But I was still a little apprehensive. When I unwrapped the bell today it was beautiful, but when I rang it it was more than beautiful. It is what I dreamed off, a truly fine bell, and I have known fine bells. My Uncle had a fine ship's bell that he had salvaged years ago when he was a boy off a sunken ship off Nantucket. We had a good ship's bell at home, and I spent a lot of years as a volunteer fireman and have had the bell off an old ladder truck, which is an extremely fine bell. So I have had good bells in my life. This bell is in that same class of really fine bells.
I don't usually write letters like this, but this bell deserves a letter to let you know that I am totally satisfied, more than satisfied, truly very happy with the bell that I just received from you. Best regards from New Orleans --- Ted


The bell has been VERY well received among our department members. We will also be sharing it with our retiree's at the Annual Retirement Banquet next month, I'm sure it will be a big hit with them as well.  Thanks for everything. I will be quick to share the pleasant experience that we had in working with you and your company to anyone who asks!  Steve Flaherty  Fire Program Manager  Mesabi Range College

The bells arrived yesterday and are beautiful.  Thank you to all involved in the very detailed process.  I could not be happier with the results, and certainly will be ordering more bells for special occasions. Best wishes for continued success !  Susan, Dept. Homeland Security, Washington DC

You might want to know that the polished bronze ship bell and mermaid bracket arrived safely today. It is a most gorgeous bell and its already in its place, at the entrance of our apartment, where it fits perfectly. Many thanks for the most efficient service and outstanding product. With best regards, Ariel Jerusalem. Israel.

"The bells are absolutely gorgeous and were a stunning success! Thank you so much. Your extraordinary efforts to get the bells here for the reception were greatly appreciated. Their beauty took the breath away from the Executive Director, and she was deeply moved." Joy, Montachusett Girl Scout Council, Worcester Massachusetts

Thank you so much for your kind service. We received our anniversary hand bell on Friday, February 7th. Both my wife and I were overjoyed and amazed at the beauty and quality of our bell. We will cherish this wonderful bell for a long time. Our five year old daughter, Rosalia was the first to ring it. Once again, we appreciate your wonderful service. Rick, Los Alamos, NM

I wanted to let you know how happy my brother and sister-in-law were to receive one of your bells for Christmas last year. We bought it for their Cape Cod house. They used it to signal the coming of the bride, the groom and the officiator at their son's outdoor wedding this past summer. It was a wonderful sound in such nautical surroundings. We are buying a camp and want one when we get it. Sincelely Charlene Damion

You were so helpful to me with this project, I wanted to send you a picture of how we used the bell. My client loved the end product! Thanks again, Melonie - The San Miguel TX.

"The bell arrived about an hour ago. It is awesome. I have never seen a bell this impressive. And best of all.... its "voice" is superb. Thank you, and the bell makers, for a wonderful job." Turner, Coventry, RI.

"Thank you so much for your attention to our order. We did receive the bell and it is beautiful! It arrived last week. I can't thank you enough for getting this job done as quickly as you did. You guys are awesome!" Kristin, Advanced Financial Services, Inc.

I have it under wraps until our anniversary, which is the day before Thanksgiving. My wife grew up on a horse farm and her parents used a bronze bell to call her and her four brothers to the house. My father's family has a maritime heritage and the bell has that appeal as well (no pun intended). It is a unique and beautiful gift and I thank you for your help in its acquisition. 

Later... My wife was extremely pleased with the bell calling it beautiful, thoughtful and unique. She even got a bit teary. We have a perfect place on our terrace to display it and thank you again for helping us acquire it. Ned H, Greensboro N.C.

That bell turned out BEAUTIFUL! The name goes just more than half way around the bell and then the clover is in the middle on the back. The black handle looks great and is exactly the size you would expect to see on a bell of that size. Even the metal of the bell itself looked as good as I could have hoped for. Sometimes with castings you get porosity in the metal. None of this is visible on this bell at all. What a great job the maker of this bell has done! Dan D, Lewisburg OH.

I received the bells today. They are so beautiful. Thank you so much for all your help with them. Please thank your men for doing such a wonderful job. I love them. Thank you again. Sincerely, Mrs. Lynn Domanowski

Just wanted to write you and tell you how very much I enjoy the bronze bell I bought from you.  It sounds SO authentic and pure...reminds me of the bell on my Navy ship.  And you're certainly right about the difference between bronze and brass bells...I was in a West Marine store yesterday and they had several of their brass bells hanging...they sounded AWFUL! Clem S., Marlton, NJ.

Thank you for the excellent craftsmanship in the making of a bell for my daughter's wedding day. i wanted to give a gift to Amanda and Ryan that would last a lifetime and be a powerful and beautiful reminder of their special day. they both love the ocean and with their names, their date, and "safe harbor" so boldly displayed on a large, solid, gleaming bell with a wonderful distinctive "voice", they will always remember our prayer for them that their marriage will always be a safe harbor. Thank you all for making a beautiful "living" family heirloom for my daughter. Great job! Peter, Fishkill NY


Our bell arrived and it truly is beautiful! It was worth the wait. We will have our formal presentation on March 6th. We will also have a special dedication at our outstation where it is to be mounted on Memorial Day weekend. Harriet - Olympia, Washington.

I received the bell today and it is fabulous! I'm sure that my husband will love it. Thank You, Rhonda, Wolcott, NY

"The bell arrived today -- and you're right we are very pleased about it. Thanks again for all you did to get it here on time. We're giving it to my wife's brother & he will only be with us until Christmas Day so the timing was perfect. Thanks again, and Happy Holidays." Vince, Lawtons, NY

The bell arrived. Thank you. We are very pleased with the bell we selected. By the end of Christmas day I am not sure that the mother of one-year-old Matthew will be pleased. But then she should not have told me I could not get him a drum. Thanks again, Grandpa Ballenger

"I ordered a M17 bell which arrived 2-3 weeks ago. I just unwrapped and rewrapped it for Christmas (had to wait for my wife to be away for a Saturday), and it was absolutely perfect. Wonderful work!" Art, Leo, Indiana

I received the bell. Thank you for your special attention in this order. It is beautiful. I can't wait to give it to them. Seth, Miami FL. 

"The bell arrived today and it looks absolutely great!" Jack, Foster City CA

"The bell arrived, and... It is BEAUTIFUL!!! I believe it will work just perfect in our swim meets. Thanks one more time. It's been a pleasure doing business with you." Olga, Marblehead, Mass

"On behalf of the Lehigh Valley Velodrome officials and others, I would like to thank you for beautiful work and speedy completion of our order. I have not seen the bell yet, but have heard it and am assured it is as beautiful as it sounds. And we have plenty of time to create the perfect mounting before the dedication in June. Thank you again. " Sherry, Emmaus, PA


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